For someone who is only 17, Finn expresses his love so beautifully. Not only with his kind and caring ways but as well through their intimacy. A lot teenage boys don’t know how to do that. They’re quick to be grabby and touchy without spending time showing it other ways as well. Like with Finn, he plays with her hair. Or like before their first time, her hair was kind of blocking her face so he brushed it and tucked it behind her ear so he could see her face. He takes time to look at her. Her face. Her eyes. Everything. Because he loves everything about her and also, to make sure she’s okay.


tv challenge: 5 new shows [2 seasons or less] ■ my mad fat diary

You can’t spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you. You have to start by not rejecting yourself. You don’t deserve it.

vibrants: chloe harris

Get to Know Me Meme: [4/10] Favorite Female Characters

→ Rae Earl

From now on, people either accept you for who you are or they can fuck off, because you’re an amazing person, Rae.

To be honest, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Obviously, there are some people, well I guess I just need to give people time to adjust. But, this is 1996, guess the worlds moving on. 

15 day shipping challenge day 2: newest favourite ship

Rae and Finn